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Darlington Trail Guide

A new way to discover Darlington

The Trail Guide - is the way to discover hidden aspects of Darlington: its heritage, unexplored nooks and crannies, funny facts, huge paintings, sculpture and much more!

Trail map Darlington

If you want to take part in a guided trail (Spring and Summer months only), local businessman Alex Blackham does much-enjoyed voluntary tours. Please contact him directly on: 07791 096039 or email to book.

The Heritage Trail is now also a Multi-cache Geocaching Trail with a final location to find and should be completed using this guide, and for those cachers completing the Trail there is a special graphic which can be downloaded for their own geocaching profile page. Further information is at where a link to the Multi-cache can be found.

Download the ‘trail’ guide here, or, pick one up from Darlington Town Hall; Crown Street Library. The map in the guide will keep you on track and help you find your way.

Download the Trail Guide

'trail' is fun for young and old alike - there’s plenty to see, follow and uncover - it’s a great chance to get out and about in Darlington town centre.

Heritage 'coins' (as below) embedded in the pavement point the way: kids will love finding the next coin as it comes up. There are also heritage wall plaques to keep an eye out for en route too.

Coin Marker Darlington Trail

We suggest a refreshment stop or two along the way with plenty of cosy cafes and venues to choose from and perhaps a spot of shopping at one of many independent shops you won’t find anywhere else. The full route takes about two hours, but can easily be done in ‘bite size chunks’, saving part for another day.

‘trail’ is accessible to most wheelchair users, though some areas are cobbled. Dropped kerbs have been used wherever possible and accessible toilets mentioned.

At the end of the ‘trail’ the guide has an easy quiz for you, to remember what you have seen and learned along the way.